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Norseal® closed-cell foam tape with high-performance adhesive is ideal for sealing glass into framing systems. For 40 years, the Norseal brand continues to offer proven performance in the window glazing market, making it the preferred choice in a variety of glazing applications. Norseal® V980/V990 paper and poly release liners exceed AMMA  810.1 requirements for residential and commercial glazing needs.
Norseal PVC glazing tapes are provided with a solvent based acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive on two sides for ease in placement. The release liner ensures the foam is protected and eliminates any stretch during the application. The closed cell foam ensures adequate air, dust & water seal when compressed 25%. These materials are provided in slit rolls for ease in application

Norseal PVC Foams - Glazing Tapes


• Interior/exterior glazing sealant for metal, wood and vinyl sash systems
• Residential/commercial window glazing for joints with high movement
• Commercial refrigeration glazing
• HVAC dust systems
• Marine glazing
• Low stress mounting or assembly aid
• Store display cases


• Excellent resistance to weathering, oxidation and ultraviolet light
• Ideal for glazing joints with high movement
• Compatible with most glazing components
• Exceeds AAMA 810.1
• Provides uniform sight line without hand tooling, oozing or cold flow of sealant

Norbond® A7200 series is a transparent, acrylic core tape virtually invisible after application, Norbond® A7200 tape satisfies special visual and design requirements when bonding to glass or clear surface.

Norbond® A7300 series is a gray, double-sided, coated acrylic foam tape. A7300 series viscoelastic core is specially designed to provide the following features:
•Great conformability and elongation
•Outstanding static shear adhesion
•Shock and stress absorption

Saint-Gobain's Norbond® bonding tapes are engineered to provide durable, long-lasting security in a variety of applications. Combining an elastomeric foam substrate with a durable pressure-sensitive acrylic Norbond bonding tapes have excellent resistance to a wide variety of conditions and are an ideal choice for either interior or exterior bonding applications.

Norbond® tapes reduce or eliminate the need for mechanical fasteners such as screws and rivets, liquid adhesives, welds and subsequent surface refinishing— saving time, increasing productivity, reducing costs and improving overall product appearance.

Norbond® tapes foam dissipate vibrations and distribute stress forces, while the adhesive provides a long-term bond. Norbond bonding tapes also aid in relieving forces caused by thermal expansion and contraction between bonded parts, thereby helping to maintain bonds during temperature cycles.

Norbond Bonding Tapes