•Packing of small parts
•Assembly/disassembly of sub-assemblies
•Inner and outer packing and labeling
•Collection and return of goods
•Handling dispatch

VERICK offers you a comprehensive service in the application area of small parts. In addition to packing, we also assemble and disassemble various sub-assemblies such as gasket sets.
We also look after the inner and outer packing and labeling.
To relieve you of any further logistical effort we also take care of the collection and return of your goods with our own fleet of vehicles as well as handle dispatch.

Assembling SERVICES

With over 20 years experience, Verick works towards effective

cost saving programs specific the individual productions or assembling requirements. Verick offers complete trials and lab testing to ensure the chemicals and adhesives pass all approval codes and specifications. With a very wide range of the best suppliers available worldwide, quality and cost will always be met to our customers expectation to a high standard of excellence.

Verick can also assist with freight management, customized
QA/QC services, customized labelling, data management and
order fulllment. We handle storing and shipping needs that fall
under strict safety regulations. With the Chemical Management
Program we provide the right solution for handling hazardous

Our Chemical Management Program specializes in reducing cost and improving processes associated with chemical
use in manufacturing. Verick supports clients with procurement, use, and disposal of chemical materials. This proven system is customized to meet the chemical and supply inventory management needs of any size company