Metallocenes are known for their thermal stability in a tank unit. This results is less charring in the hot melt hoses and applicators. They have a wide temperature range, low odor, and are considered easier to use in high speed packaging applications, where stringing is an issue.
Applications: Case and Carton, Tray Erecting, Dispensing Methods: Spray, Extrusion,

Slot Nozzle

Pressure-sensitive hot melt adhesives are thermoplastic rubber-based adhesives. They are characterised by the fact that they do not fully set, instead remaining permanently tacky. This allows for an excellent adhesive bond even when the adhesive is cold. In this case, the required contact pressure is the key to creating a wet out between the contact adhesive and the substrates. PSA’s can have a very light tack or be permanent in nature which allows for a wide range of applications.

Applications: Printing and Graphics, Tape and Label, Product Assembly, Automotive and Transportation
Dispensing Methods: Roll Coat, Spray, Extrusion, Slot Nozzle


Fugitive glue is commonly known as credit card glue or “booger glue”. This is generally a low tack adhesive which is easily peeled from the surface to which it is bonded with little or no evident staining upon removal. It forms a very strong bond that can be released once the bond it broken. Fugitive glues are used for temporary, non-permanent bonds which do not damage either substrate.
Applications: Direct marketing, Tip On, Bookbinding, Fulfillment
Dispensing Methods: Extrusion, Slot Nozzle




EVA, Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate Copolymers, as hot melts, contain up to forty percent vinyl acetate and provide the greatest range of adhesives for "difficult to bond" substrates. EVA adhesives are generally formulated for the packaging markets and for other non-structural applications.

Applications: Case and Carton, Direct Marketing, Bookbinding, Fulfillment, Product Assembly
Dispensing Methods: Spray, Extrusion, Slot Nozzle, Glue Stick

PUR, Polyurethane Reactives, are considered Thermosets as they cannot be softened like Thermoplastics, after they cross link. PUR’s cross link through moisture in the air surrounding the bond surface. They have a high initial green strength with excellent temperature and environmental resistance.
Applications: Automotive and Transportation, Bookbinding, General Assembly, Door Manufacturing
Dispensing Methods: Spray, Extrusion, Slot Nozzle, Roll Coat

APAO, Amorphous Poly-Alpha-Olefin, are a non-crystalline adhesive that is soft, tacky and flexible. APAO hot melts offer open times from thirty seconds to four minutes. Their low polarity makes them ideal for bonding polyolefin substrates like PP (polypropylene), PE (polyethylene) and PET (polyethylene terephthalate) along with non-woven materials. APAO hot melts offer a higher heat resistance and increased fuel, acid or chemical resistance compared to an EVA hot melt. APAO adhesives offer a better adhesion in low temperatures than an EVA.

Applications: Automotive and Transportation, Product assembly, Furniture, Mattress, NonwovensDispensing Methods: Spray, Extrusion, Roll Coat, Slot Nozzle



Polyamides have a greater temperature resistance than Ethyl Vinyl Acetates, EVA’s. They also have good chemical, grease and plasticizer resistance. Polyamides provide excellent adhesion to a variety of substrates including fabrics, plastic, glass, wood metal and others. Open times and viscosities can also vary making Polyamides a good choice for demanding applications.
Applications: Automotive and Transportation, General Assembly
Dispensing Methods: Extrusion, Slot Nozzle

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